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Bienvenu dans les Archives Citroën Xantia
(Jan 13, 2014, exactly 6 years after my first site went live).

Hello and welcome to my collection of press articles, advertisments, brochures and collectibles on the Citroën Xantia.
The Citroën Xantia was introduced in March 1993 in France. My collection starts over 5 years before that.
On my site I would like to share my collection with other Xantia fans.

Please note that the copyright of all images lies with the publishers of the magazines and/or photos. If you want to publish images from my site, please include the source so people who are interested in Xantia can find more material, Merci bien!

My Xantia is a 1994 1.6i version which I've driven since it was new. It now has over 443.000 km's behind it and I still enjoy it very much. As this site is under construction, some folders may be incomplete or empty. I will do my best to make more material available soon.

My previous site was shut down due to the changes introduced by Multiply. Since then, I've searched for an easy way to present my materials even better than before. All materials can be viewed in the different categories which are accessible through the menu on the top of the page. You can use the arrows on the left- and right sides of the images, but you can also use the cursor keys on your keyboard.

Your comments are welcome:  jmwerkman(at)

As my site is under construction, updates (see below the homepage button) will be placed when possible. Thanks for your patience.

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